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The Internet affords possibilities for writers that have simply never existed before, one of which is the writing of cooperative or collaborative works, another of watching a novel grow by stages, a third the scope for world-wide communication at the pressing of a "publish" button.

My novel "A Journey in Time", due for publication very soon, tells the tale of a history professor in search of the universal history of his birthday, and his partnership with a woman who lives as though she were the reincarnation of Amelia Earhart, as well as being obsessed with trying to find all the living people with whom she shares a birthday - a satire, as you will no doubt have deduced from this blurb. Behind the satire lies a serious purpose: to explore the nature of time, and of history, which is one of its manifestations, in order to witness the recurrent themes, to identify the lessons that perhaps we might one day try to learn.

In this blog I am attempting to create what is neither a sequel nor a prequel but a kind of paraquel, a book-along-similar-lines, though whether there will be any plot, or characters besides the historical, remains doubtful. Each entry will add parts to the theme, so you can watch it grow - and contribute yourself, with full acknowledgement. Where "Journey" is fixed on a single date, this will cover the entire year, but focus on a single subject: the creations and achievements of the human brain, whether in art and literature and music, in science and exploration, even, rarely though that may be, in politics; and especially those remarkable humans who tend to be overlooked, ignored, forgotten or prohibited. Submit your comments in the box below, and your suggestions to argaman@theargamanpress.com. I do not guarantee inclusion, and will delete anything of a purely negative intent.

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